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It’s the year 2014, WiFi hotspots are popping up everywhere for the public’s convenience. It’s absolutely amazing, and I can only hope this trend continues until we have the entire planet covered. It allows people who can’t afford an internet subscription to invest in a $50 second-hand laptop, take it to a hotspot, and still get the convenience of the web. And I don’t mean looking up pictures of cool dogs. I’m talking banking, insurance, job hunting. Sure it can be done without an internet connection, but you’ll have a much harder time and there’ll be a lot more waiting involved.

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No, that’s not a typo. Yes, it’s as rad as it sounds.

Have you heard of it yet, Crypt of the NecroDancer? Maybe you have, maybe not. I came across it a long time ago, when it was in pre-alpha still. And look at ’em now, they’re on Steam Early Access! Though that isn’t necessarily a good thing (more on Early Access sometime later!), I still bought them when they went on Daily Sale a couple days ago. And you know what? This game is rocking my socks off!

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Outlining outlining outlining. Outlining!

Outlining. It’s quick, easy, convenient and important. Want to start work on anything? Really, anything at all? Line that shit out! Summarize it, jot down the bigger picture, break it up into smaller parts, describe the actions you’ll be taking. Don’t just start messing around with whatever comes to mind, set up that game plan! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, as long as it gets the job done.

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I wonder if this happens in other countries, too. Think so. Hope so.

Do you ever travel by bus? Have you ever paid attention to the bus driver? Can be a bit grumpy, a bit of a bad driver and always hugs the bumper of the vehicle in front of them as closely as possible. We all know that, it’s pretty much the universal constant of bus drivers. But do you notice how they interact with each other? How every single time they drive by each other on the streets, without fail, they give each other a little wave or similar hand motion. Ain’t that rad?

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I don’t like to call myself a blogger, it sounds kind of dumb, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

Ideas for blog posts (or other things) pop into my head all the time. I can get inspiration from the strangest things. It just happens, it’s how my brain work, I can’t help it. In the past most of those ideas would simply vanish though, since I didn’t have a quick and easy method to record them and I couldn’t possibly remember them until I had the opportunity to note them down. Hell, I sometimes forget cool ideas by the time I’ve rushed out of the shower, hastily dried and dashed to my room to write or doodle it down.

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