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Okay, so people keep asking me this and there’ll probably be a lot of people with similar questions, so here goes.

I will not be talking in detail about WordPress or Blogger, or whatever other blogging platform you may be looking to use. I’ll just be glossing over some of the major differences between them, and what you need to base your choice on. Because hey, if you’re savvy enough to need the nitty-gritty on them, then you’re savvy enough to decide what’s best on your own.

First, let me make it clear that there’s two kinds of WordPress., the CMS you need to host, and, the more Blogger-like version, which is hosted for you by the company.
That aside though, I want to start with Blogger. Blogger is Google’s blog-publishing service. You don’t need to set anything up manually, just register, create your blog, and you’re ready to go! Slap a default template on there, don’t even bother making your own. It’s a lot of trouble, especially if you want some non-standard things done. All in all though, since Blogger’s a service, it’s very hands-off when it comes down to the details. If you don’t plan on doing a lot of customization and don’t think you’ll need a broad range of functionality, Blogger is fine. is a blog-publishing service as well. Just like Blogger, you don’t have to do much to get started., on the other hand, is a CMS. It’s a piece of software you download, and then upload to and install on a web server. If you already own a web server (or rent part of one, whatever) then chances are you’d like to be able to customize basically everything about your blog (or other kind of website, it can do that too!). Hurray huzzah, is the thing you need! If you want, you can get down and dirty with the source code, modify it to your needs, or better yet, write a couple plugins! Not a 1337 h4xx0r, but still want unconventional functionality on your website? “There’s a plugin for that!”™ And of course, the abundance of WordPress themes you’ll find on the internet is more than enough to last your blog one hell of a stylish lifetime.

To sum it up, Blogger, Google-hosted, not very expandable, little room for customization. And what there is to tinker with can be a huge pain in my experience., host it yourself, tinker to your heart’s content or purchase a thousand themes.

Between Blogger and, it’s mostly personal preference. Give them both a try, see what interface you like, if one provides something you need while the other doesn’t. Migration from Blogger to was fairly painless for me, so don’t worry about the future too much.

Questions are always welcome, but it’s also worth just experimenting for a bit.
~ Fang

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