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Just welcomed my parents back into their home. Super Chill Summertime is officially over.

I’ve been home alone for little over a week now, with only my sister in the house as well for the two weeks prior. It’s been great, not having to worry about what other people want, need or prefer. Eat whenever you feel like it, cook whatever you’re hungry for. Along with the obvious benefit of less stress, it also inspires a feeling of freedom and independence. You know you’re a grown man when you can make a shitty omelette without any pants on.

But now those times are over. Chances are they won’t occur again unless I move out. But that’s okay, at least for now. I get to be a bit more lazy when it comes to household chores, and it’s nice having people around again for a change. Sure talking to myself can be hilarious, my jokes never go over my head, but eventually you start longing for that casual at-home human interaction again.

This also means I can’t get away with doing fuck all anymore. I have an image to keep up, and it won’t help my case when I’m goofing off every time someone walks into my room for whatever reason. Admittedly I haven’t been my most productive lately, so perhaps this is a good time to try and change that.

Hope y’all are having a good weekend!
~ Fang

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