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There’s over twenty flags that have the flag colors red, white and blue in their flags.

But why? I did a little digging, but couldn’t find a conclusive answer. There’s a lot of explanations out there, actually. Some go for symbolism, saying the blue can stand for the sky or sea, red for bravery, etc. This can make sense for some flags, but there’d still be a lot unaccounted for. Of course, each flag has its own story, but surely most red-white-blue flags have a common origin?

Well, it’s quite possible a country’s using those colors in its flag because of previous affiliation with a colony or kingdom. Or similarly, they could have been derived from the French flag after the French Revolution? Or everyone was just mimicking the British flag, perhaps?

The one thing that looked like a reliable and promising source returned a 404, and there really isn’t much else I can find besides some forum posts and speculation. Wasn’t there an entire field of study dedicated to flag history? You’d expect to be able to find more on this. Perhaps my web searching skills just aren’t up to par right now.

Also damn these mosquitos are killing me.
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  • 02/08/2014 (4:17 AM)

    I’d look myself but right now I’m not as intrigued as I probably should be. It’s something I noticed in some flags, but didn’t think it was that many flags. It seems there should be some underlying reason.

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