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A friend showed me this eBay item recently. I sadly can’t find it anymore, but I’m not sure if I want to either.

It was this ethernet cable, luxuriously coated, fully protected cable, gold-plated tips, promised to be the highest quality ethernet cable out there. Guess what it cost? Four **thousand** fucking Dollars! And that’s not because you’re ordering a million foot of cable, no, it was just your standard roll of cable, not extremely long. I’m not sure if this product listing was a joke or not. The reviews definitely were. Still, there must’ve been someone out there who ordered it (or at least tried).

And you know what I think that is? Fucking stupid. Manufacturers are tapping into the marketing power of the whole “muh quality” hype by slapping on bullshit features and saying, with their fingers crossed behind their backs, “this makes the cable better!” Fuck, I’d be hard-pressed to find any quality difference between a pair of HDMI cables that both do their job, that both manage to transfer video to a display. Either it works or it doesn’t, right?

Where with regular old cables that isn’t always true, (they’ll always have to deal with a bunch of factors that may influence quality ever so slightly,) optic-fiber actually is binary like that. Either the data goes through, or it doesn’t. Paying a couple hundred bucks extra for the “premium lightspeed” model doesn’t help you one bit.

Yet people still buy into it. You’d expect someone who calls themselves an audiophile to be knowledgable about cable quality, right?
~ Fang

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