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26 08 14

Do it now!

Don’t put if off, tomorrow never comes!

This is a very common pitfall, mistakes, stupid move, whatever you want to call it. You have a small task you need to do, it seriously won’t take much longer than thirty minutes if you put in the effort. But eh, you’re busy with something else right now, or you’re feeling kind of tired, whatever. It can be done tomorrow as well. And then tomorrow comes, you forget about it, and then… “But it’s almost midnight already, I need to get some sleep!” Don’t you dare tell me you’ve never done such a thing, I know you have. There’s no shame in that though, for we all have committed this sin against productivity.

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25 08 14

Giving talks

Or, public speaking when you have something cool to talk about.

We all know public speaking is horrible. At least, that’s what 90% the world would agree on. You’re basically trying to not make a fool out of yourself in front of a large audience, while still stringing together something coherent enough to make some sense. And that’s hard! Even if it’s something you enjoy doing, it can still be quite the challenge. Luckily, with the internet at our disposal, we can access, a website dedicated to tips on public speaking, and every step of the process that surrounds it. Its creator, Zach Holman, even gave a “Talk on Talks”, the video of which is available at the bottom of that page I linked to!

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24 08 14


Guess standardization also falls under the point of this post, though to a lesser extent.

I’ve been working on (the currently less relevant parts of) Panic Attack today. Specifically, the ability to download minigames as zip files from my server and making them available for the dynamic loading to pick up. It’s not finished, but I’ve gotten a long way already. (Write permissions are hard to come by though, so I’m a bit restricted in what I can do, which screwed over my original plan a bit.) I also converted the dynamic minigame file loading thing to be cross-platform. Apparently my previous solution would only work on UNIX systems, which Windows OS is not. Luckily, that was made super easy!

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A couple days back I had the now silly thought that “shit, I can’t possibly think up enough minigames to fill an entire game!”

This is for Panic Attack, obviously. I have a strong foundation standing now (though functionality of it is still lacking, usability can be improved, etc.), and started thinking about minigames. I’ve got two really simple ones in there right now (clicking a target and mashing the spacebar) and even with those it already plays kinda nicely. Win more, speed more, eventually making it quite the challenge to complete such a simple task. But of course it needs way more minigames than just those two sample ones. Where the hell do I come up with inspiration for the things though?

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It is not what is was when it was just an idea.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In its execution, Charlie and Pip Sqeek has changed to be a different kind of series than I had originally imagined it. It started out as something super silly. Absurd scenarios, humor and gags for children (but without the childishness, so adults can enjoy it too), storyline taking more of a background role despite being the more mature part of the whole. Somewhat similar to how Adventure Time handles things?

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