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29 08 14


I earned me some more credits today, by helping two friends move simultaneously!

They both quit their current education to pick up a new one somewhere else. And guess what, they’re moving to the same city because of it! Since they both already have their new places accounted for (more or less), they might as well move together, right?
Despite one friend’s best efforts to prepare everything for easy shipment, it was still quite a bit of effort to haul all those things into the van they rented, and actually make it fit. We did it though, and after a grand total of what must have been six plus god damn hours spent driving the thing from place to place, we completed our quest.

It seems cool, to move away from your first home, to finally have your own place. You make the rules, you do what you want. Of course, most homes for students are shared with a bunch of other people. And they’ll be making messes of their own, but will they be cleaning it up? I like having my living space clean, so a shared house might not be ideal for me.

Besides, it’s expensive as fuck! Just the moving part alone. If you bring a decent amount of stuff, or even just a couple of large things, you’ll need one of those vans, but they’re expensive to rent. And they eat fuel like nobody’s business, too. But oh, you don’t have any spare furniture to fill up your room with? Time to buy some of that, too.
After all that, there’s of course the costs of the room/house itself, any repairs that need to be made, possibly WiFi as well. You’ll be too poor to afford food before you’ve even properly settled, damn.

Some day though, some day.
~ Fang

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