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We got back late last night, after three days of incredible music festival!

The line-up wasn’t as great as last year, but that didn’t stop us from having a shitton of fun and enjoying all the cool artists that came to play on the festival! Here’s a quick rundown on what I’ve seen during the past great days.
On Friday, 1 PM, the festival terrain opened up and within half an hour the first few artists would start their concerts. Dan Croll was the first we went to see, indie rock with a slight bit of pop in there. Amazing start of the festival. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour was next with their amazing psychedelic pop and the lead-voice with a slightly childish sound to it. Actually pretty cool! Kaiser Chiefs played right after them, which y’all of course know from their hit song “Ruby”. They didn’t play that one though, shame. After they wrapped up, we were in time to catch the remaining twenty minutes of Mando Diao‘s performance, a garage rock band from Sweden. They had matching, white clothing and great jams. After a bit of downtime we went to see Imagine Dragons, who in my opinion were a bit better last year. We could only catch a mere five minutes of Temples‘ psychedelic rock concert afterwards, but those were minutes well-spent! After enjoying twenty-something minutes of the German Irish rock band (yes) Fiddler’s Green. We closed off the day with a Dutch comedian, Jan Jaap van der Wal.

We kicked off Saturday with a bang as well, viewing First Aid Kit when they played as one of the first bands that day. It was lovely, when the two lead singers sang together their voices melted into one. We had a bit of down-time before seeing Kensington, a Dutch indie rock band. They put up a really nice show, of course with the music to back it up. Some more down-time before XXYYXX performed. He’d have played at Lowlands 2013, but something came up and he couldn’t make it. He was there this time though! To be honest, I like him better on record, but it was still really cool hearing him perform live. One of the friends I was with has been a fan of Volbeat for five years now, so of course we had to see them perform. Hard rock, but still within the scope of my taste, ’twas great! We then went to see the Comedy Train Line-up, three comedians performing one after the other, which was hilarious. We closed off the day with the movie Lucy, a film I wouldn’t recommend for its use of the “using 100% of your brain” trope, but rather their take on it. Not a 10/10, but still a good watch.

Sunday, last day of the festival! I wanted to check out the Pierce Brother first thing, but we sort of slept in, and were still fucking around with getting our stuff packed a bit ahead of time. No big deal though, because we went to see Carolina Chocolate Drops. They’re an old-time band, mostly playing music composed by the African-American people back in the day, slaves and otherwise. They gave a great show, were completely casual on-stage and loved the crowd to death. They hadn’t expected this big an audience, seeing as they played at exactly the same time as Snoop Dogg. We went to check out Die Antwoord afterwards, but it wasn’t what we expected it to be, so we left early. (Alternative hip-hop rave-rap isn’t really my thing.) This allowed us to have a nice spot during Dub FX‘s concert. This beat boxer’s show was cool, and he was completely honest about the few slip-ups he made. Though the music by Skrillex kinda falls outside of my preferred scope for electronic and dub, his concert (or should I say party) was still really enjoyable. Afterwards I caught a couple songs of Portishead before heading for the tent and packing. We did go back once before rounding everything up though, to see comedian Wilko Terwijn, and the DJ event Swingtastic to satisfy my need for some swing.

All in all, a fucking great time with even better music. Join me tomorrow for “Lowlands, the experience”. We’ll continue C&PS the day after (hopefully).
~ Fang


  • 21/08/2014 (6:14 AM)

    Damn I only know a couple of those. I’m glad that XXYYXX made it this time! One of the true tests of an artist’s ability is how they are live. There are even some bands who sound better live. As long as you enjoyed yourself then heck, it’s okay he wasn’t as good as he was on record. There are also people who are terrible live.

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