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what's good in the %hood?

Music festivals are super duper great!

The event organizers say it themselves, Lowlands is essentially a temporary city, or at least a settlement of sorts. And that’s definitely what it feels like when you walk around the festival terrain, it’s all one big community. It has its own rules, written or otherwise. Social norms differ from those in other places, culture in general takes a more specific direction than in “normal cities”. And it’s absolutely amazing, I love it!

“As soon as you enter the festival terrain, every notion of civilization gets thrown out the window.” That’s how stand-up comedian Wilko Terwijn put it, referring to the huge mess that the camping becomes before even a single day has passed. Thrash fills what little space can be found between the tents, people set their hygienic standards lower, nobody hesitates to light up a joint and everybody interacts with each other like they’re friends. Living on a festival, for the three-five days that it lasts, is quite the experience, but even the newcomers have no trouble adjusting.

It’s all so care-free. Sure, there’s the odd few who hastily run from tent to tent in order to catch the next artist in time, but usually it’s just super chill folks without as much as a single worry on their minds. Everybody’s friendly, even where you wouldn’t expect them to be. Realize you’ve been jumping on the foot of the guy behind you for five minutes? You go and say sorry, but he shrugs it off, saying, “you don’t need to apologize for that!”

Of course when it’s raining things can get a bit unpleasant, but it shouldn’t kill the buzz, especially if you don’t let it. Festivals are fun, enjoy them regardless of circumstances!
~ Fang

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