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too old for this shit

A couple days back I had the now silly thought that “shit, I can’t possibly think up enough minigames to fill an entire game!”

This is for Panic Attack, obviously. I have a strong foundation standing now (though functionality of it is still lacking, usability can be improved, etc.), and started thinking about minigames. I’ve got two really simple ones in there right now (clicking a target and mashing the spacebar) and even with those it already plays kinda nicely. Win more, speed more, eventually making it quite the challenge to complete such a simple task. But of course it needs way more minigames than just those two sample ones. Where the hell do I come up with inspiration for the things though?

Sometime yesterday morning I came up with a traffic jam one, having to stay between two cars, not lagging behind but not hitting the car in front either. Easy, fun, huzzah! But hey, a traffic jam is a bit of a “slice of life” thing, right? Can’t I take more ideas from that? Hell yeah I can! You can wash dirt off dirty plates, type away at a computer to “hack”, mow the lawn, take shots at a bar, hit a couple drums, shake someone’s hand, wipe your butt, and so on and so forth. There’s a lot of really short, mundane tasks we perform on a daily basis that make for perfect minigames in a Wario-Ware like environment.

So now I’m basically drawing out a bunch of silly things, converting those tasks into minigames, and daunting the day I’ll have to program fluid physics of some sort to make the “take a shot” one work nicely. Weird though, how that realization didn’t come to me much earlier. Then again, I didn’t spend much time thinking about the minigames to make before this.

Can’t wait to get the entire wrapper functionality done (as I said, it still lacks a bunch of things, mainly configurability) and then churn out minigames like nobody’s business. It’s cool because you can just work on a really small game for a couple days, and then be done and moving onto the next one by the time you get bored of it.

Let’s hope my art muscles are strong enough to handle the large amount required. Here’s hoping I don’t burn out after one failed attempt again.
~ Fang

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