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02 08 14

Internet Points

Surely y’all are familiar with the concept of Internet Points and e-Peens.

Whether it be intangible points in the form of positive comments, good reception, popularity, etc. or numerically representable ones like likes, upvotes and views, internet points are apparently a pretty big deal to some people. Generally, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a form of validation, can add to the feeling of community and belonging and of course it’s rewarding, releasing small amounts of dopamine every time you get another +1. …No, who am I kidding, fuck Google Plus.

It’s all fine and dandy, until some folks come along that are willing to go to extremes for internet points. Post submission after repetitive submission, make up stories, steal someone else’s content, lie about the behavior of others. And that’s not really a cool thing to do. Sure it gets you your precious points, but people are bound to catch on sooner or later. Besides, filling whatever website you get your daily fix on with garbage isn’t helping anyone and may even be one of the killing blows to a community.

That’s not to say points systems can’t be done right. The Stack Exchange websites have a pretty good system that keeps their Q&A-style content up to par with the expected quality. Users are encouraged to post, and even if they happen to be wrong on something, someone else will politely correct them, and so the answer gets improved. And shit questions that a quick internet search can easily solve? Into the negative it goes. Happy faces all around!

But hey, in the end, it’s the human factor again. People need to stop stroking their egos so often.
~ Fang

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