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It's not a plot hole, it's a plot device!

Even though chances are they only got kids because of the primal urge to reproduce and make their genes survive.

This came up while emailing with a friend, and I talked to my parents about it tonight as well. Where they said they were lucky to have manageable, well-behaved children, I said we were lucky to have such great parents. They care for us, provide a good environment to grow up in, but also give us our freedom once we start needing to learn how to handle that. There’s sadly a lot of kids that are less fortunate in that regard, so I’m super happy to have the parents I do.

Parents have to put up with your shit from day one, be it literal or figurative shit. They invest a whole bunch of everything into making sure you grow up to be the slightly less dip-shitty grown-up you are today. For twenty long years have they supported me. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle it, that’s for sure.

But all that, for what reason? When I prodded my parents for the details, it boiled down to just an urge to get children, despite not being super eager for it not much earlier. My mother’s biological clock was ticking, instilling a sense of urgency regarding the situation. I think that’s the primal drift to reproduce, to raise offspring that will pass your genes even further down.

It’s both slightly depressing and oddly fascinating, when you dissect the task of parenthood like that. They build a baby for that purpose, love it and raise it as they deem best, for the most optimal chances of survival, then slowly let it go live its own life in the wild, to continue the cycle for them.

I don’t even know, it isn’t my cup of tea. But for those of you who are/will become parents, you’re fucking heroes. Live up to that title.
~ Fang


  • 29/08/2014 (4:14 PM)

    Hugh Grant has ended up having kids, even though no one thought it was his cup of tea. The biological instinct to breed is a strong one.

  • 29/08/2014 (9:13 AM)

    I think I’m a touch too young to be thinking about children still. Also because I’m single but hey, maybe that’ll change, soon.

    Or not.

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