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07 08 14

Fuck I’m old

But am I really?

So I’m twenty years old now. It feels like such a long time already, even though it really isn’t. Despite that, if you’d ask me ten years ago, “where do you see yourself at age twenty?”, I wouldn’t have been able to give you a half-decent answer. I was ten, what did you expect?
Seriously though, it feels weird being one of those people you once looked up to as “those older kids”, with all their difficult and interesting homework, cool jobs on the side and wild parties and all that. And yeah, it sort of is what it seemed like at the time, but it also really isn’t that different from being a ten-year-old?

Sure you’ve got a lot more responsibilities. And they’re more heavy than anything you would’ve thought you could handle! But you’re still you. Even if your viewpoints of personality have changed (I sure hope you don’t still think like a pre-teen), the core should still be there. Just a couple more birthday cakes swallowed down, sprinkled with some useful knowledge, and a decently sized helping of life experience.

But that trend will continue until your death! You’ll always learn more, experience more, take in things to add to yourself. Growing up is kind of like being a black hole? Sucking up everything around you to grow and never stopping.
You can use that extra fuel towards dealing with your new responsibilities, issues and other grown-up struggles. Because both increase at roughly equal rates, the overall difficulty of your life should be pretty stable.

What does that say about being a grown-up? Fuck all, but it’s great not having to spend all your leisure time roaming the streets, looking for new kids to beat in a game of marbles.
~ Fang


  • 08/08/2014 (6:50 AM)

    Oh god, I wish I was 20 again. The things I’d do differently. Now you’re making me feel old at 24.

  • 08/08/2014 (3:49 AM)

    I’m glad that you don’t actually feel all that old. I think you’ve done pretty well for yourself. I’d consider you more successful than me and you’re four years younger.

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