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Leave your philosophical, existential mumbo-jumbo at the door, we’re talking blogging here.

Whenever I talk about my blogging career, or one of my fans spots me on the streets and asks me, I usually say that one of the reasons I blog is to practice my writing. That’s the intended idea behind it, sure, but what about the actual results? Have I actually gotten anything out of these thirteen-hundred-something posts I’ve written so far? I thought about it a bit, and honestly, not much I think.

Sounds weird right? I practice writing every single day, in the form of a single blog post. And practice is good, it’s what keeps you sharp and aids you in learning new things. But what have I been practicing? Hastily written pieces of text about either my day or a single topic, usually with very little coherence and just one simple point behind it, produced in one quick session. Go re-read that and tell me what the final product is. If you answered “a strong, well-written post” then you’ve got some serious brain problems.

That’s the problem here. I’ve been practicing, but I’ve been doing things all wrong all this time! I don’t start with a list of bullet points or arguments, refine them, write them out, and string them together nicely. I just dip my foot in a bucket of paint and kick it into the canvas a couple times, then call it done. That is rarely ever a good way to write something. I’ve essentially specialized myself in a super obscure and rather useless niche of the writing skill tree.

Is it a curse, or a blessing in disguise? Depends on what I do with it, but as I said, I don’t see any real value to this skill. It’s like the super-power to cook a sub-par meal, every single time you try.
Okay, granted, I do a couple of writing things on here every once in a while, but even most of those are written on the spot, making shit up only a second or two before I type it down. That’s not how you get good novels, either.

God I still have to edit Caves, haven’t even started yet. Forgive me.
~ Fang


  • 01/09/2014 (2:29 AM)

    Wait that’s a bad way to get novels? Damn. I better step up my game. You recognised the problem, created a plan to change it, and now you just have to implement that. I hope no one thinks I strategically plan out my posts because that just isn’t the case.

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