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They're coming down the stairs.

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Trisha guided me up the stairs to the top floor of the house. ‘They should still be somewhere in here.’ she said as she opened the door to her room. It was a tidy one with very little frivolous decorations, no piles of clothes laying around, a neatly made bed. It surprised me, though I’m not sure what I expected.
I pushed those thoughts aside and started my search. Drawers, behind the desk, under the bed. Nothing.
On top of the bookshelf.‘ Charlie whispered. I jumped a little bit, having almost forgotten he was here as well. Which was strange, seeing as how he’s always with me. Regardless, I took his suggestion seriously and turned my attention to the bookshelf. Two rows were filled with books. Flowers graced the remaining, otherwise empty ones. The thing was tall enough to nearly touch the ceiling, leaving only just enough room for a book… or three.

My angle of observation didn’t allow me to see if they were actually there though, so I asked for a chair. Trisha only had her desk chair available, but at its full height it was enough to allow me to feel around up there. After almost pushing the wheeled chair away from under myself, I managed to retrieve a stack of literature from the somewhat dusty top of her bookshelf.
‘One Crimebusters trilogy. Here you go.’ I said as I handed her the books.
She looked amazed, but also a bit puzzled. ‘I don’t know how mom thought it was a good idea to put these there,’ she laughed, ‘but you found them!’ After putting the books on her desk she gave me a hug. ‘Thank you.’ she sighed, relieved. It caught me off guard and I froze up. Charlie stood behind her and motioned for me to return the embrace, an instruction which I reluctantly followed.
It felt right.

We agreed to both come to school early the next day so nobody could know for sure who had returned the books, if they’d even notice. During recess, Mister Ronald announced the problem had been solved and we could have our break time back. The class rejoiced and no further words were spoken about the incident again. Trisha’s reputation remained clean and Charlie and I could add another solved case to our names.

Remember kids, you do the crime they cut the time. So don’t steal books, k? Profit margin on those is way low.
~ Fang


  • 25/08/2014 (5:08 PM)

    A nice little way to wrap up the story. Looking forward to the next. I hope we see more of Trisha in the future, too.

  • 22/08/2014 (6:05 AM)

    This was good, except the third word. Hard to believe you messed up so early. But a neat little bow to wrap everything up with, and a budding romance to boot.

    • 22/08/2014 (9:57 AM)

      Wow, that was stupid. Thanks for noticing!

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