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Charlie and I were walking home. ‘So what did you want to say?’ I asked him. ‘Something about the missing books?’
Yeah,‘ he started. ‘Those things had been sitting there untouched for ages. Then today, they were nowhere to be found.
I put a hand to my chin and scratched it. ‘Did you see anything weird about the bookshelf?’
Nothing.‘ He remained silent for a minute. ‘Some folks think you took ’em.
‘Hey!’ I exclaimed, somewhat offended. ‘You know I have the special edition of the trilogy at home! And I’d never steal. It’s against the code.’
I know, I know.‘ He gestured for me to calm down. Maybe I overreacted a bit, but my pride can be quick to feel attacked sometimes. ‘The rest of your class doesn’t though.

We decided to let the case rest until the next day. Maybe the books would turn up again, maybe it really was an accident like Ronald had suggested.
But they didn’t. It wasn’t.
Recess for our class was cut in half. The room moaned when the announcement was made, and it wasn’t long before all you could hear was the collective murmur of finger-pointing and conspiracy theories. Rob in particular was very busy moving the blame away from himself.
‘You see that?’ I whispered to Charlie. He nodded.

Cutting it short here so I can more easily fill the weekend with this story. Sorry! (next)
~ Fang


  • 18/08/2014 (4:03 PM)

    Well seeing as I’m now reading part 2, 3, and 4 in one big chunk I have no problem with you cutting it short. The plot thickens. This Rob kid is just evil.

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