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The question was "what will you not find on this blog?"

The first episode of Charlie and Pip Sqeek begins today!

It was a mellow Sunday afternoon. Charlie and I were playing on the trampoline in the garden when we heard the old lady next door call out. ‘Felicia!’ Felicia was one of her cats. ‘Felicia, where have you gone?’ She sounded distressed.
I exchanged a quick glance with Charlie before popping my head over the hedge. ‘What’s wrong, miss Cadsworth?’ A question I knew the answer to, but it was necessary for the flow of dialogue.
She looked up at me, tears welling in her eyes. ‘Oh Pippin, I haven’t seen poor Felicia all day!’ Her voice trembling in sync with her hands, clumsily clutching a tin with catnip in it. ‘What if she’s lost, hungry, scared?’
Of course she couldn’t go looking for the feline herself. She had issues with her hip and had nearly zero stamina. ‘Miss Cadsworth, please calm down. Charles and I will go looking for her.’ She had cats gone missing before, and we returned them safe and sound every time. This time couldn’t be much different, right? ‘She was the white one, right?’

And with that we started working on our first case in a while. A missing cat, nothing we couldn’t solve. ‘Where do we start, Charlie?’
We had no leads, which was problematic, but Charlie thrived in resource-poor environments. ‘The park’s always full of wildlife, and you can usually find a couple cats wandering around there.‘ He always knew the right answers.
Dashing out the house, I yelled at my mother we were leaving for a little bit. ‘Okay,’ she responded. ‘Just be home in two hours for dinner. Be safe!’

As we were heading for the park, we came across a rather peculiar scene. Rob, the shady kid from my class, was crossing the road with a portable pet transport crate in hand. I was about to yell at him when Charlie shushed me and pushed me into the nearby alley.
We don’t want him to know we’ve seen him yet.‘ he said. ‘Let’s see what he’s doing first before jumping onto him.
When we peeked around the corner again, we saw him enter one of the houses. ‘So that’s where he lives.’ I mumbled before turning to Charlie. ‘If he has Felicia in there, she may be in trouble. Do we go in now?’
He shook his head. ‘Let’s wait ’til he leaves again, we can investigate much more easily then.’

Kids kidnapping kittens, oh my! (next)
~ Fang


  • Sophia
    04/08/2014 (10:17 PM)


    You’re still writing and still blogging though – nice to see at least one of us is consistent!! Is that “Pippin” as in Hobbit Pippin Y/N?

    • 05/08/2014 (12:02 AM)

      Nope, just Pippin as a regular old name that makes for a rare few shitty puns.

      • Sophia
        05/08/2014 (12:18 AM)

        Ah yes. Shitty puns… brings me back.
        I hope you still use the same old email address, cuz I sent you one there. If not, gimme your new one so I can bother you like old times.

        • 05/08/2014 (12:20 AM)

          I’ve been in the process of writing one for almost an hour now. Distractions. Patience.

  • 04/08/2014 (6:01 AM)

    Wow, this could not be any more different from Caves! Diversity is good. I’m eager to see where this goes.

    So just for my general sanity, is Sqeek pronounced like ‘Squeek’ (just spelled different) or the way it looks, as in ‘Skeek’?

    • 04/08/2014 (9:12 AM)

      Heh, thanks!
      It’s pronounced like “Squeak”, to complete the “pipsqueak” pun.

  • 04/08/2014 (4:18 AM)

    I’m surprised and disappointed you didn’t go for “Kitnapping”. As far as story goes though this was really well written good job. Now to go cry in a corner at my own diminishing talents.

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