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Baby’s first internship, here we come!

Tomorrow marks the first day of my internship at that egg processing machines company. I am really excited to finally do something in the real world, working on real projects for a big company and actually doing something useful with my skills for once. Not to mention how much of a learning experience it’ll all be! I’m going to work with a language I have only basic knowledge of (though learning as I go works really well for me), will be using the scrum methodology in an environment where it is actually useful, write software for cool machines, this is going to be great!

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I’m currently in the process of learning (at least the basics of) C++. It’s fucking amazing.

Today I want to discuss the influence a teaching method –specifically, the verbosity of it– has on a student’s understanding of the subject. I’ll be going by the very specific and possibly rather technical example of me learning a new programming language. I can’t wait to confuse y’all with this, so let’s dive right in!
As I said, I’m learning C++. Why? I want to prepare a little bit for my internship, so I at least know the basics, which will make it way easier to find my way around the code I’ll have to be working with. I’m doing so by reading the book “Accelerated C++” by Andrew Koenig and Barbara E. Moo. If you ever need to learn C++ and already have some programming experience, check it out, it’s great.

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29 08 14


I earned me some more credits today, by helping two friends move simultaneously!

They both quit their current education to pick up a new one somewhere else. And guess what, they’re moving to the same city because of it! Since they both already have their new places accounted for (more or less), they might as well move together, right?
Despite one friend’s best efforts to prepare everything for easy shipment, it was still quite a bit of effort to haul all those things into the van they rented, and actually make it fit. We did it though, and after a grand total of what must have been six plus god damn hours spent driving the thing from place to place, we completed our quest.

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Even though chances are they only got kids because of the primal urge to reproduce and make their genes survive.

This came up while emailing with a friend, and I talked to my parents about it tonight as well. Where they said they were lucky to have manageable, well-behaved children, I said we were lucky to have such great parents. They care for us, provide a good environment to grow up in, but also give us our freedom once we start needing to learn how to handle that. There’s sadly a lot of kids that are less fortunate in that regard, so I’m super happy to have the parents I do.

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Leave your philosophical, existential mumbo-jumbo at the door, we’re talking blogging here.

Whenever I talk about my blogging career, or one of my fans spots me on the streets and asks me, I usually say that one of the reasons I blog is to practice my writing. That’s the intended idea behind it, sure, but what about the actual results? Have I actually gotten anything out of these thirteen-hundred-something posts I’ve written so far? I thought about it a bit, and honestly, not much I think.

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