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15 07 14


Here’s a little something for you OS X users out there.

In Mavericks, Apple finally introduced tabs to the Finder. About damn time, right? Well, they were really late to the party. Plenty of user-made programs had been written to modify the Finder to their needs. Some of these made it out into the public, like TotalFinder. It’s pretty cool, offering a lot of functionality on top of the much-desired tabs. For example, the ability to re-enable colored sidebar icons. Why they ever did away with those, I do not know. But the catch here is, TotalFinder costs money. Roughly twenty bucks. On top of that, it hasn’t been running all that well for me, though that may be a local problem. I was getting frustrated, but then I found XtraFinder. It’s free.

Much like most of its counterparts, XtraFinder adds tabs, colorful sidebar icons, easy copying, cutting and pasting of files (get your shit together, OS X dev team) and much more. But it also adds much more than that!
…To be slightly more specific, it provides you with a bunch of additional toolbar tools for things like copying a file path, running something as root, collapsing all opened folders, creating a new file (again, OS X dev team, please), and even selecting all items that match certain criteria! And a “go up a directory” button? I already use the keyboard shortcut, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t at least look neat!

All in all, XtraFinder is a great program, especially considering what it costs: nothing! And since it runs without issues for me (so far), it’s a keeper.

I think applications like these also show how absolutely terrible the vanilla Finder is. No easy toggle for invisible files? Fucking please.
~ Fang

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