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13 07 14

World Cup

I just watches the World Cup final and I don’t even care much for it!

For those not in the loop, Germany grabbed the Cup, with Argentina coming in second and good ol’ Netherlands in third place. I’m just glad the finals weren’t decided by yet more fucking penalties, like the last two games I watched. But whether you care for the sport or not, there’s no denying the huge impact it has on society these days.

And that’s not always positive. Fuck, for the past few weeks I couldn’t casually jut my ass without bumping into some shitty, orange “go holland” merchandise. It was fucking ridiculous! This one guy literally made millions selling his “cheer suit” or whatever the hell ugly jogging suit it was. Apparently it’s not good enough to have all that orange junk in the shops. People actually buy it, too!

Now I’ve never been very nationalistic, and I also happen to be the guy that feels physical pain whenever shit like this happens. But still, I have a hard time imagining why anyone would bother purchasing an orange fryer if they can just get a regular one for half the price. And the regular one doesn’t become obsolete as soon at the Netherlands lose a game! Oh well, guess I don’t serve my country as well as I should.

By the way, there was some weird dude running onto the field during the finals, but he didn’t appear on TV. At least not over here. No idea why, but it was kind of disappointing, getting presented with shots of the arena and its surroundings while the announcer flips his lid over some hooligan. But within minutes, I could find footage of the troublemaker on the internet. Cool!

Well, it’s over now. I can sleep peacefully for another four years.
~ Fang

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