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There’s this show on YouTube where they film kids reacting to things, and they recently released this episode.

In that particular episode, we get to see a bunch of kids, aged six through thirteen, react to an original Nintendo Game Boy. Excluding the Game & Watch handhelds, this was the first handheld gaming device Nintendo produced, and by far the one with the biggest impact.
The reactions you’ll see from the children in the video range from “I’ve seen that iPhone case” to “My dad has one” and “I bought this for Pokemon Red and Blue”. And though some of their reactions are kind of frustrating, it really makes you think. We take so much of today’s technology for granted. Future generations will do so even more, until we reach the point where 3D holograms are as normal as going to the cyber-shop for some future-bread.

They also have the kids turn on the device and play a game of Tetris. Again, reactions vary widely. “Everything’s green?” “This is actually pretty fun.” “You put this thing in there? Can’t you just download the app?”
It shows the effects of growing up with modern-day technology. Some have zero knowledge of the roots of it all even though (as is said by some in the video) for its time, the Game Boy was an absolutely amazing piece of technology. Gaming wouldn’t be where it was today if it weren’t for that oh-so-popular handheld.

But I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing that these kids know so little about the past. I was born when the whole computer and internet biz was just getting started, so naturally I take that knowledge with me as I grow. They? They grow up with virtual reality becoming a thing, technology being advanced and very accessible, and will later tell their grandchildren how they used to have to “download” things before getting to use them.

And that kind of blows my mind? We’ve come such a long way in such a short time, that we can see how radically different the next generation is growing up.
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  • 08/07/2014 (2:40 AM)

    That’s something that’s very interesting about computers. Usually technological and or scientific development can take years. Maybe even generations. But when it comes to computers things are developed in record time. I think it’s something like computers become twice as fast or twice as small every six months. The original game boy was a thing of beauty back then. I’m proud of the kid who said they bought it to play the original Pokemon games. But compared to something like even a non-smart phone and it suddenly becomes very obsolete. I can run any old console from my computer, but I doubt I could run Skyrim on a NES.

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