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The last day of school was today. That is, the last day we had to go to school and do something there.

Which means summer vacation more or less starts today! Save for my internship struggles, I won’t have to worry about study-related things for the coming two months, woo!
So, last day of school, anything important? Well, as I mentioned, the presentation of the project we’ve been working on lately was today. It went pretty well, and we ended up with a solid 8.1 (out of 10) as the grade for the project. I’m pretty pleased. We celebrated by heading out into the city and treating ourselves to Subway and milkshakes. Good times, definitely!

And now it, pff, oh man. It’s tiring to even say this, considering the circumstances. I’d say now it’s time for productivity, but that has once again come to an abrupt halt. Something has been messing with my local PHP installation (so I can test my web development stuff right on my computer, instead of having to rely on the server), and now it doesn’t function as expected anymore. I went through the trouble of deinstalling everything and reinstalling the versions that are also used on the server. This took me way too long, honestly. Anyway, guess what? The issue still isn’t fi-

Oh. Snap. I just realized, it’s just a bunch of notices, warnings if you will. They aren’t errors! They show up because I enabled development settings, hah. Changed that to show everything except those (apparently rather common) notices, and everything appears fine now. Well, at least I got something out of writing this post. Hurray for rubber duck debugging!

I’m hungry and admittedly kind of sleepy as well, so I’m signing off.
~ Fang

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