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Or rather, their insignificance.

How often do you look back at past events or situations to see how far you’ve come? Well you should do so occasionally, it’s great. Especially when you realize all those things that seemed oh so important at the time really aren’t. It feels oddly liberating. At the time, you were all “this will remain important to me forever”, but fast-forward a couple years and you’ve already forgotten what is was all about.

That time you broke your favorite toy? You were sure you’d live with that grief forever. That fight you had with your BFFsie? You’d never forgive the bitch. Your favorite band fell apart and said they weren’t planning on making a return ever? Well, it’s a shame, but shit happens. You automatically learn to live with it and move on.

It inspires a feeling of progress. You’re growing out of insignificant things, realizing it doesn’t really matter or just forgetting about it entirely. You’re maturing as a person. Oh my!

Well, that’s all the crap I have time for today.
~ Fang

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