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Retro stuff is becoming hip again! Well, at least in certain circles.

Call me a hipster, I don’t care. (Really, I’ve heard that very often already and I’ve sort of come to accept it? But there’s a little bit of hipster in all of us.) I think it’s great that people are actively seeking out and exploring old technology (among other things). How cool is it that some bands are selling vinyls of their singles? Pretty damn cool I’d say.

But what I’m not a fan of is the whole “retro art style” movement in indie gaming. Nothing wrong with an actual retro-inspired art-style, but please at least try to pull it off well. That means no varying pixel sizes, sticking to the pixel grid, no fucking gradients (though there’s nothing wrong with color palettes larger than the 50-something colors the NES supported) and god forbid you put anything other than chiptunes as background music. (I kid, other music styles can be pulled off fairly well if you try.)
Slight exaggerations aside, don’t do shitty pixel art and call it retro or 8-bit or whatever. Not even “retro inspired”. I don’t care if you’re not good at art. Hell, VVVVVV has the most minimalistic pixel art I’ve seen, but it is all styled well and fits together well.

And of course there’s a large group of people going, “yeah this and that was better back in the day”. No, it probably wasn’t. You just remember it as being better. Why? Because why bother remembering the bad music from back then? You probably didn’t even listen to it, so of course it didn’t stick. Every time some ridiculous pop artist releases a new single and people go “this is garbage, pop used to be good but now it’s dead” I die a little inside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of pop, and sure it’s garbage, but things don’t just die like that. They get polluted with “noise”, shitty songs you don’t want to listen to, but that doesn’t kill a genre. As bad as a high amount of noise may be, it indicates a genre is live and kicking.

I wonder what artists will be remembered as the greats of our time though.
~ Fang

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