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Got a lot of free time and a bunch of projects you want to do? That’s a slippery slope you’re walking.

My first day of summer wasn’t entirely spent on goofing around, huzzah! Sure I have myself plenty of slack-off time, but I also got shit done. I pushed SSR2 to version 1.0.2, went to the dentist, started fiddling around with the reddit API, and typed out the specifications and database structure (among other details) for the reddit post position tracker thing I intend on making. It won’t be too large a project, could easily be done in a week if I sit myself down and just do it, but will be the first time I’m doing something serious with an API. Cool stuff!

So, why is this such a slippery slope? Over the course of the day, there was a voice in my head that would occasionally but in and go “hey why not continue doing this unproductive thing for just a bit longer?” It was really hard to shake it off, but when I did, a second voice came in “dude, that’s a lot of projects to pick from! Seems pretty daunting, doesn’t it?” No, piss off?
The only way to get those guys to shut the hell up was to actually start doing something productive, and making sure I can keep doing stuff. Once I’m without a direct and obvious next step, they’d come back again, pushing me towards games, series, the internet. And that’s hard!

But I know it’ll be even harder to face myself when, at the end of summer, I haven’t done jack shit. So I try my best to find a nice balance between productivity and pleasure, and make sure to not have any zero days. Hmm, looks like I haven’t talked about zero days yet. Into the draft shaft it goes!

Anyway, be sure to stay productive. Work towards goals, exercise and be able to say “I did something today”!
~ Fang


  • 04/07/2014 (1:39 AM)

    It’s pretty hard for me to stay productive. Especially when I have a lot of projects to do. I have real difficulty picking just one and sticking to it. Ultimately I mostly end up doing nothing.

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