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Drinks in the barpub are on me tonight!

Retro stuff is becoming hip again! Well, at least in certain circles.

Call me a hipster, I don’t care. (Really, I’ve heard that very often already and I’ve sort of come to accept it? But there’s a little bit of hipster in all of us.) I think it’s great that people are actively seeking out and exploring old technology (among other things). How cool is it that some bands are selling vinyls of their singles? Pretty damn cool I’d say.

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You’re telling me there’s a problem with vacations? Hell yeah there is.

Vacations make you lazy. “Woah, yeah, shocker. Not.” I know, I know, but let me elaborate. Not only does it strengthen any laziness you may have had with you already, but it also does a fine job of downplaying your productivity if your will is not strong enough. Because hey, you have to admit, “but now I can finally laze around all day without consequence, and I deserve a break like this!” is a pretty good excuse to not get anything productive done at all.

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24 07 14

Today was a day

And I honestly don’t know what more I can say.

Nah, today was a pretty good day. Got out of bed after catching my eight hours of sleep, had breakfast, played a good game of League with a friend, and then another friends came over. Both he and the guy who I played League with would be coming in the afternoon, but he went, “fuck it, can I drop by now?” which was all cool by me. Played some Brawl, bought some beers, played some more Brawl… Hell, why am I even going over this.

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We had a bit of a situation here just now.

The Netherlands really aren’t that bad when it comes to freaky wildlife. The “worst” thing that’s somewhat common here are large grasshoppers, and it’s not like those are gigantic. No, this is a walk in the park compared to places like Australia. Still, it’s quite the experience when you have the worst your country has to offer in your living room. (Okay, okay, it isn’t necessarily the biggest or scariest thing we have over here, but things sound more dramatic when I say it is.)

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Imaging me sprinting into view, all sweaty and breathing heavily. I’m late because I went running in the evening and suddenly it was dark and I lost my way, okay?

That aside, let’s talk about something I fear a couple of you may be familiar with: binging on episodes of a television series, drama, or anything similar. Hell, binging on movies if you want to include that too. It seems somewhat commonplace, especially during idle times such as the summer vacation. Yet I never understand why people do it, much less how they do it.

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