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Laughable pants.

No Caves today. Want to go to bed early, and don’t want to rush it, since the next one’s sort of a special part?

“But Fang, you said you had summer vacation! Why go to bed early?” First of all, nothing wrong with going to bed early, whether you got a reason to or not. I do have a valid reason though. Remember my internship hunt? Tomorrow morning I’ll be visiting a company that may be interested in providing me with an internship. The offer talked about a specific project, setting up a database and interface to automate some data flow. It sounds pretty cool, but who knows, maybe they also got something different for me?

Today I had a little chat with the man who found and contacted that company for me. He runs his own contracting company (or something similar), is a really nice guy and arranged tomorrow’s meeting. He told me what to expect, asked me if I was nervous (I am, a little, but that’s okay!), among other things. It’s nice how he makes an effort to be involved, to guide me through it, even though he already hooked the company and me up.

So, that’s going down tomorrow. I’ll keep y’all posted, but if available Caves will take priority as usual!
~ Fang

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