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As promised, let’s talk Internship Quest!

Wednesday I had an appointment at a company that basically builds, programs and distributes (factory) machinery related to processing eggs. Programming what are essentially robots sounds really cool, and the project they had on their site wasn’t uninteresting either. I hadn’t ever done a formal job interview or anything though, so that didn’t really help with the nervousness. Luckily the day before I had a little meeting with the man who put me in touch with the company and was told what I could expect.

A forty-minute bus ride, and I get there a bit early. That wasn’t much of a problem though. I got a quick tour around the grounds as we made our way to the building where all the software magic happens. Nothing really mayor, but then you see this big robotic arm. “Yeah, it can carry a bunch of eggs.” Neat!
Anyway, skipping all the boring details, the interview (if you could call it that, it was more like a conversation with lots of questions) went really well. The only thing I really messed up was calling “design patterns” “software patterns”, but I sort of saved myself by not failed to name a few when I was asked to do so?

When wrapping it up, he told me he still had to discuss my internship with one of the folks from software, and that he would get back to me sometime this week. I had a good feeling about it though, since he came over as very positive, and we discussed some things as if my internship was guaranteed already.
And later that afternoon I get an email with good news. I am allowed to do my internship there, hurray!

I’ll be starting in September. A bit nervous, since it’s an entirely new experience, but that also makes me really pumped!
~ Fang


  • 11/07/2014 (1:16 AM)

    Dude congrats on getting your internship. Having programmable robots means that you’re one step closer to world domination. They sound neat.

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