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05 07 14

The dentist

Imagine me making spooky noises and hand motions.

The dentist is an important part of your health checkup routine. He can see issues coming from miles away and fix them for you before they start bothering you too much. Yet a surprising amount of people are deathly afraid of the dentist, or at least hate going there. And I don’t really get it.

I go to the dentist twice a year for the routine check, have him look at the state of my chompers. He usually says “yeah it’s cool, just brush here and there a little better”, removes some plaque, and lets me be on my way. See, nothing to worry about, right? It ain’t something I like spending my free time on, but it keeps me in shape, munch-wise, you know?

Now if you go to the dentist with an appointment for getting your teeth drilled with a deep-earth bedrock drill-device, then yeah, I see reason to be a little nervous about it. I had to get a cavity drilled and filled once. It stung a little sometimes, but overall I didn’t really feel all that much. But hey, it wasn’t a gaping black hole yet, so your mileage may vary. If there’s a chance he’ll hit the nerves he’ll most likely sedate the area though, so then all you have to worry about is walking around with a weird face for the rest of the day.

But of course there’s the horror stories of sedation not kicking in, tongue being cut off or teeth having to be pulled. Yeah, that sucks, but it isn’t like the mouth-working is hurting you on purpose? Yeah, he’s making you pay on purpose, because most all of ’em are money-sucking scumbags, but they ain’t out to get you, really. They’d much rather you not smack their assistent in the balls because of a jolt of pain.

So, are you still afraid of the dentist? Why?
~ Fang

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