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In my current line of work, web development, I get to do some customer interaction here and there.

Most of the time it’s the regular “hey does this look good?”, “want anything changed?” back-and-forth email communication. It usually isn’t the most interesting, a boring necessity, and sometimes it seems to drag on forever. “Oh but there’s this little thing!” “It displays two squares lower on my internet!” But then when you receive their last email, “this is perfect”, “thank you so much for the swift response”, that warms my heart a little.

And sometimes you get (or rather, have) to take it a step further than just some emails. So far I’ve had a number of real-life meetings with customers, usually to explain things (it’s easier to follow for them, and easier to point things out for me) or discuss stuff in more details. A surprising amount of people prefer walls of sound over walls of text. I personally feel more comfortable with just email, since I can take the time to construct a reply, can’t be caught off guard as easily, and have everything black-on-white, so I can always refer back to it later.

Regardless, customer interaction is an important part of, well, any job that involves any sort of customer, really. Doing this right isn’t very hard, but still requires some communicative skill on your part. Of course, if you’re dealing with someone who just can’t convey their ideas through words, you’re in for a challenge.

But since it’s such an important skill, I feel good about already having some experience under my belt. I now know not to stress too much, and just go with it.
~ Fang

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