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So, here’s a pilot opening episode for Charlie and Pip Sqeek. No, that is not a misspelling. (Having “Squeak” as a last name would be silly.) I said pilot, but really it’s just a rough draft of the intro episode. If this goes well, I’ll continue.

My mother sent me upstairs. ‘Sleep tight, Pip!’ she said with her usual, devious smile. I always had a hard time figuring out what was going on in that woman’s head. She insisted I could go to bed by myself now that I was in third grade. It felt like part of a weird coming-of-age ceremony, but it was probably less significant than that.
No matter, Charlie still kept me company. After I kissed my mother goodnight, he simply waved at her before following me up the stairs. He had never been very good with words. Being easily overlooked and often ignored wasn’t helping him either. He had recently confided in me he felt uncomfortable interacting with people, sometimes even soulless objects. I could accept that though, a man of his brilliance is bound to carry some serious flaws.

‘How do you like the new class?’ I asked Charlie as I threw the sheets over myself. He was always at my side. The first day of school after summer vacation was no exception. He didn’t participate in the lessons though. Usually you could find him leaning against the back wall of the room, keeping a watchful eye over all the people in it, or staring out the window calmly observing any commotion going on outside.
Due to his nervousness when getting attention and oddly snide attitude of others towards him we never really talked while around other people. Today had been a busy day so bedtime was the first chance at proper conversation we got.
Charlie breathed a sigh of relief as he slid into my desk chair, finally being able to speak his mind. ‘I scoped up the new kids a bit, they seem aight. Don’t like the looks of that Rob dude though, we need to keep an eye on him.
‘He looked at me angry when I asked mister Ronald a question.’ I confirmed. ‘He doesn’t seem very nice.’
Exact same deal with Ronald though.‘ Charlie laughed. ‘The man yells way too loud sometimes. Think he’s compensating for something?

I laughed, perhaps a bit too loudly, at Charlie’s suggestion. My mother heard, and hollered up the stairs. ‘Pippin, stop playing around and go to sleep!’
In between the snickers I managed to yell an ‘Okay!’ back at her. Charlie and I agreed to follow her advice. We needed the sleep, for we’d soon have a lot of cases to çrack.

Oh okay so apparently it’s a detective series now?
~ Fang


  • 01/08/2014 (3:23 AM)

    It sounds like it’s off to a pretty good start Fang. Keep at it.

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