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The answer is sex and money.
04 07 14

Caves, p99

Mitchell and Warren take their private time to the public. Let’s see some shit go down! (previous)

Warren grabbed hold of the railing as soon as he hit it. The wood cracked and gave way but didn’t cause him to fall. He looked down and saw the entire Bastion staring up at him. They were confused faces. Confused, but some also a bit scared. Others, mildly excited.
Mitchell stepped through the remains of the door. ‘See those people? Your trusty, loyal guild members?’ The sarcasm was dripping off his adjectives. ‘Why don’t we find out what they think?’ He grabbed Warren by his vest again, and pushed him into the paling. It broke further. Some people in the audience below gasped when Warren’s feet dangled over the edge. ‘Don’t worry, I don’t intend on letting go… yet.’ Mitchell said right before he hopped over the railing, down onto the main floor. Though he had a man in hand, it didn’t seem to hinder his agility. The floorboards shook when he landed. The glasses on a few tables tinkled and Warren groaned as he hit the floor. His vest had ripped and his feet weren’t positioned well enough to absorb the impact.

‘So.’ Mitchell said to the crowd as he discarded the cloth in his hand. The silence was choking him. All eyes were on him and Warren, who was slowly picking himself up from the ground. Maybe he had overdone it with the entry? There were no do-overs. ‘You all know me, you all know Warren. But how well do you really know us?’ He took Warren under his arm, clutching his neck. He felt him shake a little. A quick glance revealed he was sweating. He knew where this was going. ‘Would I be wrong in saying you know more about me than you do about Warren here?’ He paused. No response. ‘That… wasn’t a rhetorical question.’ he mumbled.
A murmur went through the crowd. ‘I don’t think so?’ ‘Nope.’ ‘Yeah, so what?’
‘I’m hearing a lot of no’s. Cool!’ Another pause, to let the noise settle. ‘Then I don’t think anyone could tell me what Warren does in his office all day?’ When nobody claimed an answer, he quickly moved on. ‘Or where the huge amount of money from jobs goes to?’
The crowd became a bit more vocal this time, but Warren butted in before anyone could step forward. ‘Why would you want to know the financial details of the Bastion? It wouldn’t be of much interest to any of you.’

He did exactly what Mitchell had hoped, and he was eager to punish him for it. ‘See?’ he said, releasing Warren from his hold. ‘This man doesn’t trust you with money business. Kind of rude, considering you all work so hard to earn it!’ He threw a disapproving glance at Warren. ‘Isn’t that what you expect from a leader? The ability to trust his men?’
Warren saw where this was going. His face reddened as he tried to counter. ‘I am perfectly capable of running the Bastion and Whelhaven as a whole. It has existed for years now, without so much as a problem.’
‘I never implied that, but I still have to disagree.’ Mitchell said, stepping towards the self-deprecating leader in an attempt to intimidate and strengthen his point. ‘I think you’re the problem.’

“No you!” (next)
~ Fang


  • 07/07/2014 (3:44 PM)

    I feel like Mitchell just went Law and Order all over our asses… and I love it.

  • 05/07/2014 (12:03 AM)

    No, you! Oooh things really are heating up now. With any luck we’ll see a good old fashioned public lynching.

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