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21/01/2011 never forget

Title and intro partially rewritten Edition.

Let is be clear that I’m not bitter over anything. Sure I didn’t get a car for my birthday yesterday, but I don’t give a fuck. People came over to hang and we had a great time, what more could I ask for?
That being said, the whole “it’s your birthday, here have a present” thing is a tad weird when you think about it. Birthdays in general are, really. They celebrate you’ve managed to survive for another year as if somehow the exact moment you can say “another year has passed” makes your existence worth more, or at least worth having a party over?

I don’t mean to sound depressing, but it looks like there’s no way around this seeming like the ramblings of some pessimistic nonconformist. It’s just, why ain’t I allowed to pick my own day for yearly celebration of my survival? Why can’t we have a “when are you throwing your birthday party in 2015?” kind of scenario? Hell, it’d actually be really cool if birthdays were set up that way. You wouldn’t be able to call them birthday parties though, but you get my point. Being allowed to throw an “I survived” party once every calendar year. Summertime would probably get crowded with parties, but that’s somewhat the case already anyway.

Back to the presents though. As I said, I really don’t give a fuck? You hear all that talk of “sweet sixteen” parties and whatever those stupid folks on those MTV-like channels are all about. They want hot pink car and fifteen puppies, but why do they deserve it? Hell, I’d go so far to say that on your birthday, you should be the one handing out presents. After all, you wouldn’t have made it this far, wouldn’t have become the person you are today, if it wasn’t for your loved ones. Shouldn’t you be celebrating how good a job they’ve been doing so far?

But hey, that’s just my cent and a half. And I’m just a pessimistic nonconformist shit-talking things on the internet.
~ Fang

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