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Imaging me sprinting into view, all sweaty and breathing heavily. I’m late because I went running in the evening and suddenly it was dark and I lost my way, okay?

That aside, let’s talk about something I fear a couple of you may be familiar with: binging on episodes of a television series, drama, or anything similar. Hell, binging on movies if you want to include that too. It seems somewhat commonplace, especially during idle times such as the summer vacation. Yet I never understand why people do it, much less how they do it.

Great example. The last two days, my sister’s been watching some series about housemaids every single time I walked into the living room. She finished a single season in a day. That was, what, twelve episodes? They’re probably thirty or forty minute ones, too. How can she manage to watch that for basically the entire day, and not lose her sanity? I know I couldn’t.

For me to get maximum enjoyment out of a series, I honestly need to stop watching for a little while after three consecutive episodes. I need some breathing room, bombard my mind with other things than just that one story line, however complex or broad it may be. If anything the spacing between episodes can help build suspense, and prepares me for the time I “catch up” with the current broadcasting, which usually means waiting a week or more for the thrilling postponing of the conclusion.

But hey, I’m not too much of a series guy. I haven’t even watched Game of Thrones, go figure. Cool the fires. Instead, tell me, ever binged like this?
~ Fang

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