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Holy dicks!

So, here’s a pilot opening episode for Charlie and Pip Sqeek. No, that is not a misspelling. (Having “Squeak” as a last name would be silly.) I said pilot, but really it’s just a rough draft of the intro episode. If this goes well, I’ll continue.

My mother sent me upstairs. ‘Sleep tight, Pip!’ she said with her usual, devious smile. I always had a hard time figuring out what was going on in that woman’s head. She insisted I could go to bed by myself now that I was in third grade. It felt like part of a weird coming-of-age ceremony, but it was probably less significant than that.
No matter, Charlie still kept me company. After I kissed my mother goodnight, he simply waved at her before following me up the stairs. He had never been very good with words. Being easily overlooked and often ignored wasn’t helping him either. He had recently confided in me he felt uncomfortable interacting with people, sometimes even soulless objects. I could accept that though, a man of his brilliance is bound to carry some serious flaws.

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Title and intro partially rewritten Edition.

Let is be clear that I’m not bitter over anything. Sure I didn’t get a car for my birthday yesterday, but I don’t give a fuck. People came over to hang and we had a great time, what more could I ask for?
That being said, the whole “it’s your birthday, here have a present” thing is a tad weird when you think about it. Birthdays in general are, really. They celebrate you’ve managed to survive for another year as if somehow the exact moment you can say “another year has passed” makes your existence worth more, or at least worth having a party over?

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29 07 14


Oh man I’m so old.

So my birth happened almost exactly twenty years ago now. That’s a long-ass time, holy shit! To put that into perspective, that’s when the PlayStation was first introduced. Almost 631 million seconds ago. Yep, it’s been a while. Hell, I’m lucky to be alive still, a lot of people don’t make it this far. Guess that’s an achievement on its own, eh?

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I just accidentally spent three hours playing this gem, so guess what I’ll be talking about today?

RollerCoaster Tycoon is a brilliant game. I have many fond memories of playing it with a friend, so when something on the internet reminded me of it today, I was eager to jump back in. A bit of fiddling later, we have the game running. And guess what? It still holds up pretty darn well today! You can see it has aged a bit, the art-style and UI design aren’t anything you’ll likely see around today, but they are still very viewable. I’m normally not one to bitch about graphics, but if I were this’d get a solid score still.

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27 07 14


You’ve probably seen a couple already.

Whether it’s of a drawing being made, space-y night skies, people or dead things being eaten by ants, time-lapse videos are always fascinating. The technique itself is really cool, but the results it produces are even better! It’s so satisfying watching time fly by, reducing a long process to a short, three-minute video.

I think it’s because time-lapses allow us to see things we otherwise wouldn’t. Sure you can take a look at a plant every day, but you won’t ever see it grow. You’ll have the “hey it uses to be smaller” moment, but the growth process is invisible to your perception. Even if you were to keep your eyes on the thing 24/7 you probably wouldn’t see anything. It’s just too slow.

And then time-lapse comes in, essentially displaying the process at a much higher speed. And suddenly you see all the change something goes through, how drastically it differs from time to time. In a sense, it gives you the big picture.

But what if we went larger in scope? A random sunrise, fuck that. I want to see a bird-eye view time-lapse of an entire continent over a hundred years. Now that would bring people to theaters! Hell, it’d be really cool if we could do this for times already passed as well, but sadly we can’t see into the past (yet).

Oh and for those wondering, yes, you can watch paint dry in high speed. It’s still just as boring.
~ Fang