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I’d gladly discuss the question in a physics-related context with you sometime, but that time has yet to come.

Instead, let’s talk more casually, about how quickly time flies by sometimes. And this isn’t just your daily “wow it’s 10 PM and I still haven’t done jack shit” moment, though if you experience that regularly I strongly recommend you step it up and be productive. I’m talking about things more like, “has it really been that long since I last saw you?” and “holy shit, 2010 was four years ago! That’s a long time!” And of course when you get older long times seem shorter, but hey, I’m still young.

So what brought this topic to my attention? Well, I just did a word count on Caves, and the out was, I kid you not, exactly 37,000 words. After staring at my monitor and recounting a number of times just to make sure, I looked up the amount of words needed for a novella to turn into a novel. Though there isn’t a set rule for that, most handle the SFWA’s guideline: 40,000 words. Which means I’ve only got 3,000 words to go before I can call myself a novelist! How cool is that?

But then I checked back to see when the first part was published. The 3rd of May, 2013. That’s over a year ago! And I don’t even recall doing anything special for Caves’ birthday. Shame! It still doesn’t really feel like a year though. Sure it feels like a long time has passed since I started it. A lot of work’s been put in since. But I honestly wouldn’t have expected for the year to pass so swiftly. Then again, summer vacation’s almost coming up as well, so that’s a sign I could pay attention to.

It’s funny how that works, hindsight and your perception of time. It’s already been well over a year since I started getting into gamedev (February 2013, never forget), but that, too, doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Yeah sure, it hasn’t been that long since I actually seriously worked on something and finish- wait a second, it is. May 2013, the May Boot Camp, Trash Sweeper. Heh, gotta love them flying turds.

“Holy shit it’s 2014 already! The future is today!”
~ Fang


  • 20/06/2014 (2:30 AM)

    The world of tomorrow, today! To be honest I was expecting Caves to be a little longer than that. The parts are small, but there was a lot of them. There seems to be quite a good distance to go too, so it’ll definitely be a novel by the time you’re done.

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