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Stupid boy!

Now to bring my blood pressure and stress levels back down by writing yet another “dear diary” post. Ah, how relaxing.

I talked about my quest for an internship, right? Well, progress has been made! Today I sent some emails off to some really cool-looking companies. No, I’m not going to be doing five internships at once, but it’s best to have some options, and not wait for every individual response before moving on. Anyway, with the emails sent, the waiting game can begin. Oddly enough I am now much calmer than prior to sending the emails.

Thing is, you need to make a good first impression. Chances are you end up in a crowded inbox, overflowing with all kinds of people going “hire me”, “internship please”, “look at me”. You need to stand out in that crowd if you want to have a fair and decent shot at the position you’re applying to. Maybe this is less so the case with internship applications than job applications, but you’ll probably still have to compete!
It’s that “stress to impress” that really gets to me sometimes. I put of writing the emails the entire morning simply because the task seemed so daunting. I got my portfolio, I got my résumé, but how am I going to get those noticed?

After thinking it over for a while, I decided on a rather simple approach: let your work speak for itself. I tried keeping the emails themselves short and to-the-point (nobody likes reading four-page applications) and made it clear where my portfolio and résumé could be viewed (even included a PDF of my résumé, in case they find that more convenient).
This way, when wading through a sea of applications, they will hopefully not be put off by my email and quickly be able to see if I’m good enough to ask for an interview.

Here’s hoping the answer to that will be “yes”. And even if it isn’t, still plenty of options!
~ Fang

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