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As you may’ve guessed from the topic of recent posts, I’m rather busy with all kinds of projects.

As I discovered last week, the deadline for getting your internship approved is a bit earlier than I thought it was. So now I’m kind of running around with my hair on fire, trying to get a good-looking portfolio built and send it out the door to as many cool places as possible. I don’t always fit all of their criteria, but it’s worth a shot anyway, right? Besides, since I’m kind of time-broke, a “breadth-first”-ish approach seems like the most reasonable thing to do.

And then there’s the schoolwork. We got the usual team project going on, but there’s also still a number of assignments I’ve yet to make, and I fear those won’t be done in two short hours. They’re mostly on stuff that’s fairly new to us, so there’ll be a lot of searching, troubleshooting and headaches involved. On top of all that falls my job, which somehow always manages to have work for me when I already have a lot going on. I’m not one to stress extremely easily, but being this busy definitely doesn’t make me feel comfortable.

Anyway, I purchased the domain name today. Expect SSR2 to be live and kicking within days! (Get hype please.)
~ Fang


  • 03/06/2014 (1:47 PM)

    I remember hunting for internships several years ago. I hope you have better luck than I did.

  • 02/06/2014 (6:37 PM)

    Hmm, is SSR2 the resurrection of the Chevy SSR, one of the ugliest/worst ideas in truck history? I suppose not.

    • 02/06/2014 (8:10 PM)

      It’s the Seriously Simple RSS Reader, which I’ve talked about numerous times already. You’re missing out. ;D

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