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08 06 14

Sunny days

Today was the first of many super sunny days to come, and it was well-spent.

Though the day started out a tad rainy and not too warm, we already knew things would be getting hotter soon and had planned accordingly. And like the real adults we are, we followed that planning! After playing a couple game sof League I hopped on my bike and headed over to a friend’s place, where we spent a couple hours in the lake he lives by, just chilling on a surfboard. Some nice cold beers afterwards, dinner, and watched the first LCS game today. Great stuff.

And I’m fucking sunburnt already. My arms are super red, and my neck must be off even worse. Should’ve played it smart and rubbed some sunscreen around, but I sadly wasn’t that bright. And now that’s what I get, red skin and a higher chance on all kinds of nasty diseases.

Totally worth it though, we had a great time. Super tired though so I’ll keep it short and head out now. Hope y’alls spent your weekends wisely!
~ Fang

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