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20 06 14

Steamy addiction

Okay yeah this is a post about the Steam Summer Sale. Whatever else could that title be hinting at?

So the Steam Summer Sale started today. For those not in the know, please tell me how you managed with all the usual hype going around. Steam, a digital game distribution platform (it’s way more than that, but that’s the gist of it), is holding their annual Summer Sale. This means a lot of high percentages off a lot of games. And trust me when I say that’s a lot of money to be saved on games you wouldn’t normally have bought and probably won’t ever play!

That seems to be the thing with a lot of people these days. They go “oh cool a cheap quality game” way too quickly, sometimes without even considering if it provides the kind of gameplay they like. Throw in a couple Humble Bundles they paid way too little for, and soon there’s folks running around with hundreds of games in their Steam libraries. Insane!

And Steam knows their most profitable target audience rather well. I don’t know the exact ins and outs of it, since I don’t use Steam that regularly, and honestly couldn’t care less, but they also got a Trading Card system. They’re throwing collectibles at their collect-happy audience. And hey, those things can be bought for real money, and sold to others for real money! (And won by getting achievements or whatever, but that’s secondary.) Pretty damn smooth business move Valve, pretty damn smooth.

So, be honest, how many games is your Steam library rich, and how many have you played? (73 to 27 for me. I feel ashamed already.)
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  • 21/06/2014 (3:33 AM)

    I’ll admit I have more Steam games than I’ve played, but the difference isn’t that disproportionate for me. Plus I have every intention of playing all the games I have.

    One day.

    Right now I’m actually avoiding Steam like the plague. I have no source of income and can’t be trusted with the Summer Sale.

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