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To master yourself, you must first master yourself. …Or something along those lines. No?

Remember how I recently talked about the Steam Summer Sale and how everyone that doesn’t have full, 100% control over their wallet will most likely end up emptying it? Well, I must admit, I too have fallen prey to Steam’s sales and the hype surrounding them. I’ve bought two games that were on my wishlist while they were on nice sales… but have also purchased a game I didn’t originally intend on buying. A friend recommended it to me the day before and it looked so cool and the price was so low and I just couldn’t resist!

What has become of me? Well, nothing terribly awful, really. Just now I saw another great sale on another cool game, a strategy RPG, Banner Saga. They recently were being bullied around by “asshole-deluxe” King (you know, the whole “Saga” trademark affair), so I sympathize with them, and their game actually looks really cool. But then I slapped myself in the face and said, “it’s still more than ten Euros! Do you really need this? Will you play it?” And I responded with, “the price is justified, but I probably won’t ever play it, so why buy it?”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is self-discipline. And it’s one of the more important skills to have. It doesn’t just apply to games that go on sale, but also to things like productivity. If you can put yourself into the mindset that “I really need to get this done”, then that’s great. But you still need to start getting it done, and then keep at it until you’ve reached your goal!

This is why, back in high school, I would often stay to study at school when important tests were coming up. I know there’d be too many distractions back home (the internet, hey) so I wouldn’t get any studying done. By staying at school I was forcing myself to be productive, because the public use computers there were kinda crappy, and I don’t want to look like I’m goofing off either.

Stay disciplined!
~ Fang

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