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03 06 14

SSR2 is live!

‘Twas a rough day, but totally worth it!

As the title reads, SSR2, the Seriously Simple RSS Reader, is now live! Almost four months of hard work and the occasional frustration have been put into it to make the final product nice and polished. I’m really excited, since it’s my first piece of software to make it to the “available for public use” stage. And the first few users are already dropping in! (I didn’t bribe people, I simply posted about it on reddit.)

I almost didn’t release today, even though I planned to. Sometime in the afternoon, when I was setting things up for release, the thing suddenly started acting up. It something wouldn’t parse feeds properly. Closer inspection revealed this was only happening to RSS feeds hosted on my server. That is, my RSS feeds. Fang Talks, the SSR2 blog, some dummy RSS file I made to further test this. Nothing was working. I was at my wit’s end when I looked more carefully, and noticed, “why is it giving timeout errors?”
A few quick emails back and forth with WebFaction’s super speedy customer support, and it was fixed. Turns out something went a little bit wrong with the firewall, but it’s all resolved now, so I can forgive them.

With only a few hours left on the clock ’til midnight, I quickly double-checked everything, gave it one last test run, and nodded in approval. “It is time.”
I moved some files, submitted the website to a couple places, and here we are! I’m still alive, the site seems to be running nicely (eight users already, oh my) and I am legitimately afraid that tomorrow I’ll wake up to a bunch of disappointed comments, “it doesn’t seem to work”.

But I double-checked and tested and there’s absolutely no reason for that to happen. So enjoy, check it out, and let me know what you think!
~ Fang


  • 05/06/2014 (1:17 PM)

    Congrats on getting it up and running Fang. That’s quite an achievement and you should be proud of it. I’m already registered and what have you, and I do like it.

  • 04/06/2014 (12:17 PM)

    I haven’t used RSS in years. Maybe now is a good time to start again?

    • 04/06/2014 (12:28 PM)


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