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Whew, exciting times!

So the exact thing I feared actually happened. After waking up, I checked and saw SSR2 had a whopping 150 users! Content, I went to eat some breakfast. Upon returning, however, I noticed something was off. A couple of websites I follow would usually have their new posts up by now… and they weren’t appearing in the reader! I checked the websites by hand, and the posts were there. Damn. Checking the error logs revealed it had encountered a feed it couldn’t deal with. Normally no problem, but this one caused it to stall and abort.

A closer look revealed it was a one-line fix, but I took the opportunity to make a couple other small tweaks I felt were necessary, and pushed version 1.0.1 live. It is now happily chugging along (though I still obsessively keep an eye on the logs), and already counts over two hundred users!
What, two hundred? Well, yeah, but that includes temporary accounts, which appear to be used super often by people just wanting to check it out. If we’re only counting actual registered users, there’s… four. This includes me and a friend, so there’s two registered users I do not know of. Have you registered yet? You should, your favorite username isn’t going to be available forever. (Not that it’s displayed anywhere, but hey.)

So that’s slightly disappointing, but at least it’s really cool over two hundred people checked out my thing! (Wonder how many got scared away thanks to the lack of service last night. Shudder.) The reddit post stayed on the front page of /r/webdev until sometime today, when it dropped to the second page. Right now it’s almost falling off there as well, but that’s okay, I’ve had my day of internet fame.

Still, I should probably find a way to effectively advertise this to the niche audience that fits it.
~ Fang

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