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11 06 14

Nintendo at E3

All aboard the hype train!

Though I’m not actively following the E3 events I do hear this and that, and occasionally check in on a stream or two. So far, it’s all looking pretty amazing! I’d praise the visuals of everything, since most things look really crisp and stunning, but that’s not what I’m in for. (Can’t say I ain’t impressed though.) I’ve mostly watched and read Nintendo-related stuff, but from what I’ve gathered they’re actually showing some great stuff, despite the Wii U still kind of flopping.

And I honestly think Nintendo’s a great company. I must admit they, like many of their competitors, are flawed on many levels. Still, they aren’t the worst of the bunch. And though casual games aren’t always my thing (but they usually manage to find a place in my heart), they’re still doing a great job at making them. And their mentality in general is just really good. A friend of mine put it very well, “where other companies say “the player must this, the player must that”, Nintendo goes “the player can this, the player may that””.

Can’t really confirm that, since I haven’t played any big games recently, but the feeling that comparison gives off definitely holds true for what I can remember. Of course there’s a bunch of exceptions, but we’re talking about the companies globally here. Nintendo has always kept that playful, “just have fun” feeling, even with their more serious games. They’re staying true to themselves.

But Smash Bros. 3DS, oh man. They say they aren’t going to screw it up. I want to believe. (Though it’s said to be more of a single-player experience than the Wii U version.)
~ Fang


  • 12/06/2014 (11:36 AM)

    I just want Solid Snake back.

    And for Zero Suit Samus to get rid of those damn heels.

    • 12/06/2014 (12:11 PM)

      Snake was great. And yeah, all the heels seems mighty impractical. Maybe they’re in it for the bonus piercing damage on kick attacks?

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