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Well, today sure was a day.

We had an assignment due today. Where we, at school, normally only program in Java, we now have a subject about C#, the programming language. Though it’s pretty similar to Java, at least it’s a different language, so that’s cool. Sure the general programming principles we learn always apply, but it (sadly) isn’t like we can write all the programming languages on our resume just because we know the underlying principles.

Anyway, the assignment was due today. We (the duo a friend and I had formed) had most everything done already, but there were still a few things we could do for bonus points, so why not. We worked ’til 4 PM to get everything working nicely, demo it, and send the files to the teacher for further inspection. Think we did pretty well.

Afterwards, a couple folks were going to the student pub (conveniently located literally under the school). I said, hey, why the fuck not, let’s try something different and join the fun. “Just one beer!” That single beer quickly turned into two pitchers, which eventually multiplied into roughly seven point five beers for me, at which point I said, “hey, it’s really nice being here with you guys, but I gotta get home sometime”. Even now, those beers are still lingering in my bloodstream, affecting my performance when it comes to being productive. Oh well, I had a great time, and will definitely be returning there.

And that’s how my day went from super productive to “what is getting things done” is only a couple of swigs.
~ Fang


  • 06/06/2014 (12:38 AM)

    At least you got some stuff done. You earned all those drinks, and your subsequent hangover. Greasy food helps.

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