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Also known as Geometroids: Space Junkyard Cleaning Crew Bossleader Simulator.

After starting development on “Geomasteroids” sometime December 2013, it had seen rather steady development up to January 2014. Since then there’s been a lot of on-off work on the project, nicely renamed “Geometroids”, the repository not seeing even a single commit in the months March and April.
Fast-forward to now, and I needed stuff to put on my portfolio really wanted to finish Geometroids, give it the “good ending” it deserves. I’ll be quick to admit it isn’t anything super special, but it’s a game. And it’s a game I’ve made from start to finish.

Download Geometroids:
Mac OS X
.love (run with LÖVE, rename to .zip for source)

Yep, that’s a bunch of download links, right there. I tested it, should run fine on all OSes. If it acts up on your machine, mail me with your OS and hardware specifications, and I’ll try to look into it.

The little Asteroids clone’s come a long way. Over the course of its development, I have recorded numerous progress gifs, showcasing what I have been working on or, occasionally, what feature I tried out or silly bug I encountered. I intended on linking a few highlights here, but quickly realized that’d just cause this to become a mess of links. Here’s a link to a folder with all the progress gifs (and screenshots and WebMs (and downloads)) for your viewing pleasure. Prefixed with their date for easy sorting. Fun stuff!

It’s got sounds, voices, and all kinds of juice, so let me know what you think!
~ Fang


  • 09/06/2014 (4:09 AM)

    I gotta say I like it. Congratulations on completing a project and getting something made like this. Now to put adverts on it, stick it in an app store, and make them dolla dolla bills yo.

    • 09/06/2014 (10:58 AM)

      >cancer of the games industry

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