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15 06 14

Game Theory

Have I talked about this yet? I don’t think I have, aside from mentioning it here and there.

There’s a lot of game-related channels on YouTube, that should be no secret. From let’s plays to gaming news and everything in between, there’s a whole bunch of ’em these days. But what about channels devoted to theorizing about everything that goes on in and around games? That’s Game Theory. They cover an enormously broad range of topics, from figuring out whether a Bullet Bill would actually kill you, to proving Mario could very well be a communist with all kinds of psychological problems.

Though there are a couple other series running on that channel, Game Theory is easily the biggest, and uploads a new episode roughly once a week. And they’re good. The episodes, that is. Really good. The average episode clocks in with a length of slightly over ten minutes. Some would say that’s a bit on the long side, but that time’s gone before you know it. Matthew Patrick, Game Theory’s host, does a very good job at keeping things interesting. He’s a passionate talker and isn’t afraid to throw in the occasional joke.

If you’re even slightly interested in games as more than just fun pastime, or simply enjoy it when people do the math on absurd things, I strongly recommend you check them out. Their list of most popular videos might be a good place to start.

~ Fang

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