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They slow you down the most.

In preparation of sending out email to all those cool game companies offering internships (oh god, that’s going to be a tough one) I’ve been working on my portfolio. With both SSR2 and Geometroids finished, it actually has a decent amount of content to it. Or at least enough to make sure it doesn’t look empty. And the ‘folio itself is coming along nicely, I experimented a bit and settled for a design I felt was nice. Got that all up and running, now the only thing left… is to fill it.

I feel like it’s only natural that I give some information about my projects and whatever when I display them on my portfolio. Give a bit of a backstory, insight into the development process. Especially for personal projects. But when I actually sit down and intend to type out that info… nothing comes. Well, sure, I can think of a thing or two to say, but what is appropriate? What would the person checking out my ‘folio want to know about the projects, aside from their existence and way to view them? How can I best present that information? What about throwing in a tad bit of humor, or should it be strictly professional? Should I hide my more stupid mistakes, or proudly say, “hey I did this thing here, but turns out that isn’t very great, or so I learned”? Then again, I should probably keep myself out of the picture and let the projects speak for themselves… right?

Man, I don’t know. I’ve never made a ‘folio before, how could I know? …I’ve never made a ‘folio before, how could I know. Would that be an acceptable excuse for not setting up a top-notch page with everything people might need, no more and no less? At least I got a portfolio, right? And at least it looks good, right? Okay that doesn’t actually make up for anything, who am I kidding.

I just want to make a good, no, a great first impression is all. Wouldn’t think I’m wrong in assuming they just glance at your email you spent way too much time stressing over and, assuming the glance made the mail seem catchy enough, look at your portfolio and throw your application out the window if they don’t find anything noteworthy within the first minute. I’m probably going to mess up my emails one way or another, so if there’s only the tiniest chance they still look at my stuff, I want that stuff to at the very least make them go “this seems like an okay guy”.

And then they find my blog and see how easily I get insecure about things I do. Uh, hi? Hire me please?
~ Fang


  • 13/06/2014 (4:38 AM)

    I think the “Hi? Hire me please?” approach actually works kinda well on some people. Try not to stress out too much. Focus on the major parts or difficulties you had and overcame with the projects. I don’t really know how you can do that though. Only you know what you went through doing those things.

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