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But not completely there yet.

Remember that school project I mentioned a while back, where we have to join forces with other teams from our class and use each other’s services? Well, the deadline was Monday, but at the request of the other two teams it got postponed. They said they couldn’t have it ready by then (but we could), and after a brief discussion, we all settled on Wednesday July 2nd. Great, summer vacation postponed by more than a week. Thanks a fucking lot.

Well, at least we now have all the time in the world to polish it up, maybe score ourselves a couple bonus points. I wrapped up an individual mandatory project I still had to do as well, so if we can just make it through the next few days without breaking our stuff, summer vacation can finally begin!

Man, I have a lot on my to-do list already. Game development for Brojam, teaching myself C++, Haskell (for that functional programming), a couple nifty tools here, some fun little things there, and a lot of games to play! (Curse you, Steam!) And of course there’s the mandatory “I ain’t doing shit today” days which, if this summer will be anything like the last, will take up well over half my time. It’s a shame, but hey, it happens.

Oh, and did I mention? I got my first rejection from one of the companies I asked for an internship. Hurray! I’ll post the details once I got something secured.
~ Fang

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