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26 06 14

Caves, p97

“That’s almost a hundred!” Yes it is. AAAAAA! (previous)

Mitchell awoke near Andrea’s grave. He felt well-rested, though his muscles still felt a bit sore. He pushed himself up from the ground and recalled the events prior to his much-needed sleep. For a second the disbelief took hold. Surely that couldn’t have really happened? Maybe it was all a dream? He swiftly dismissed those thoughts. ‘Whatever.’ he muttered. He was fairly confident it had all truly happened. And even if that wasn’t the case, he had made up his mind and was ready to start taking action.

Whelhaven was making its transition into nighttime. The usual nightlife buzz could be heard throughout town, but the Bastion was, as usual, the largest source of noise. Its doors were cracked open, a thin beam of light escaping from the building. Mitchell took a few deep breaths, then pushed the doors open and stepped inside.

The doors creaked a little, some people turned to look who it was. Shortly after his entrance the collective volume of the Bastion’s main floor lowered to a loud murmur. As he walked towards the bar, where Roy was sitting, Mitchell noticed the ambience wasn’t like on any other night. It wasn’t necessarily less vibrant, but just off enough to give it an uncomfortable feeling.
Some acquaintances greeted him from their tables. ‘Hey Mitchell.’ ‘Welcome back.’ Others whispered among their groups, occasionally taking a short look at Mitchell as he moved. ‘Wasn’t he her boyfriend?’ he overheard. He tried to swallow the lump in his throat, but couldn’t.

‘Hey.’ After a ten-second walk that felt like it lasted hours, he sat down next to Roy.
‘Hey.’ He responded in a similarly depressed tone, despite his best efforts to not seem too down. ‘Are you doing okay?’
Mitchell held up his hand to order a drink, but lowered it again before the bartender could notice. ‘Yeah.’ He wasn’t very convincing. Then again, up to a minute ago he was doing pretty okay. ‘You spread the news? What did you tell them?’
Roy looked at his glass. It was half empty. ‘The news sort of spread itself after I told some mutual friends.’ He looked up, but couldn’t bring himself to look Mitchell in the eye. ‘They know it may have been one of Warren’s dudes, if that’s what you’re asking.’
‘May have been?’ Mitchell commented. ‘That’s okay, I can work with that. Does Warren known?’
Roy let out a quick breath. ‘Nobody’s told him yet. He’s usually in the loop without our reports.’
‘Okay, thanks.’ Mitchell jumped off his stool and patted Roy on the back.
‘You’re leaving?’ he asked before taking a sip from his half full glass.
‘Nah.’ Mitchell said, walking towards the stairs. ‘Just going to set something straight. Don’t worry.’

He could feel there were eyes on him as he ascended the stairs, and could hear his name whispered a number of times. The lump in his throat returned, larger than before. With sweaty hands he knocked on Warren’s door. Three short, decisive knocks. ‘Not now.’ Warren could be heard hollering from the other side. Mitchell entered anyway.

There’s some clunky writing in there it feels like, but not the worst part I’ve written. Can you feel the tension rising? Get hype! (next)
~ Fang


  • 27/06/2014 (2:38 AM)




    Though, seriously, other than that it was a good chapter/update. Now for Mitchell to kill Warren in an epic bloody fight and feed his emaciated corpse to the nice wyvern.

    • 30/06/2014 (4:22 PM)

      I’m with Mark. I want to see a brutal confrontation that ends in Wyvern food. I can feel that tension… and it feels good.

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